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The Migration Place is a division of Irish Bentley Lawyers, and we pride ourselves on achieving positive outcomes for our clients, and our clients can take comfort in knowing that their application will be handled professionally and with the maximum prospects of success.


We are Australian migration lawyers as well as registered migration agents, which gives our clients peace of mind that they are dealing with highly educated and trained professionals to help with their migration matter. This also means that we can provide legal services beyond the visa application itself.


A migration lawyer from The Migration Place can assist you with determining your best visa options, preparing the documents and forms for your visa application, attending to any requests for information or documentation, updating you on the progress of your application, chasing the Department of Immigration and advising you on the decision of your visa application.


At The Migration Place, we believe that our clients deserve the best professional service to identify the right visa solution, as well as the most efficient and cost effective way to secure their residency in Australia.


Our Services

Our hard-working Australian migration lawyers are experienced in all aspects of the visa process, from submitting thorough applications, to preparing detailed submissions for appeals to the Migration Review Tribunal.


We are practiced in all classes of visas, such as Skilled Visas, Employer Sponsored Visas, Family Visas, Business Visas and Investor Visas.


We have built successful working relationships with some of Australia’s biggest construction companies, and most of our business is built on referrals from companies and individuals alike.


We have obtained visas for distinguished international directors, Hollywood film stars, CEOs of international banks and respected and successful businessmen.


Our Australian migration lawyers are experts in finding novel visa solutions and are willing to take on the cases that other firms consider “too complex”.


Migration Advice Fixed Fee

To assess your eligibility for the various visa options that are available, our charge for this advice and assessment is fixed in the sum of AU$300.


A migration lawyer will provide a detailed formal legal advice on your visa eligibility and options and you will be given a credit (in the sum of AU$300) towards your visa application if you proceed.


If for some reason you are not eligible for one particular visa, we will look at other options that are available to you.


At The Migration Place, for those preparing their own visa applications, we offer a visa application reviewing service before filing the application yourself, where a migration lawyer will undertake an extensive and comprehensive review of both your application and evidence.


Finding a good migration lawyer can be a difficult task, but if you choose the team at The Migration Place, you are choosing an experienced migration lawyer who will strive to achieve a successful visa outcome for you.


A migration lawyer from The Migration Place can help make your dreams of migrating to Australia come true.


Contact Us

Phone: +61 7 3229 4025

Fax: +61 7 3229 4027


E-mail: mail@themigrationplace.com

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