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info on the tiling trade

Guest colin sanders

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Guest colin sanders

Hi there just in first steps of thinking of a move to Queensland with my partner and 3 year old son,just wondering if there's any wall and floor tilers on here who could give me any pointers to help me along the way,

Ie what's work situation like ,heard there is difference in the way oz tilers do the job ?

What qualifications I'd need ?

Expected salary ?

Or any or help anyone could give would be great

Thanks Colin

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Guest Keith & Linda

Hi Colin, sorry but I can't give you any definitive answers but, but regards the work situation it will depend on where you will be wanting to live in Qld, Brisbane and the greater South east corner along the bigger towns will give you the better chances of finding work. I don't think there is any particular qualification for tiling, but you will need a 'white card' to work in the construction industry. no idea on wages and I suspect most tilers are self employed and have to hunt around for work.

Good luck

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If your a good tiler then you won't have a problem, there are lots of bad tilers here :) i also know a lot of people struggle to get a tiler and can't get a call back, this is North Queensland no idea about Brisbane, you need to network to get in, it's always luck, or who you know. Tilers here are charging approx $45m2 450 cushion edge, maybe double for rectified, they also charge more for anything over a 450. Although I imagine being a tiler here in the North would be comparable to hell!! I sell tiles to the public/ small builders and also quote for the bigger house builders here, business is crazy busy at the moment, but as I said I've no idea about further south :)
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