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Information need Visa-489

Guest Asad

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Hello All

Good day. I hope you are doing fine. I am Asad and I have just been granted Visa 489. I am looking for specific information for this visa category with regards to landing instructions and my obligation/duties towards the province as part of this visa for long term stay. Can you kindly share/ refer any related web link/document/brochure where I can find this information?

Thanks a lot. Take care and have a nice day.


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Guest Shelley McGonigal

I am assuming you have been on the IMMI site which states this (below) about your visa and then directs you to one of the websites below - there are numbers you can call on these websites to find out more.


State and Territory government agencies can view your expression of interest in SkillSelect and decide whether to nominate you for a visa. Each state or territory has a list of occupations that guides the types of skills they are looking for.


In your expression of interest, you can indicate your interest in just one State or Territory, or you can choose to be available to all States and Territories. If you accept a nomination, the States and Territories might require you to:


  • live in the nominating State or Territory for at least two years
  • tell the State or Territory your address, both before and after you arrive in Australia
  • be prepared to complete surveys and provide information they ask for
  • meet any other requirements.

Each State or Territory government agency has its own process for nominating expressions of interest, some agencies contact people directly, and others wait for people to contact them. You can find more information on their websites:


Hope this helps - if you have any specific questions I can ask one of my migration agent contacts.



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Hello Shelley

Good day. I hope you are doing fine. Thank you very much for your detailed message. Actually I have been through all this process already and I have been granted the visa. Now I have to travel to enter for the first time so I just want to know if there are any particular requirements for the first entry for example entry point should be the state which sponsored me, do i need to register/inform any department etc.

On the other hand what are my long term obligations/responsibilities towards the state in order to maintain my visa status and to be eligible for visa 887 after this visa expires?

I really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you again

Take care and have a nice day




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