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How to find a rental from the UK?

Guest sharonparker1980

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Guest sharonparker1980

Hello everyone,


Can anyone give me some advise?


I have recently been granted a visa and booked my flight for April 2015.


I am looking for a house and a job In the Sunshine Coast.


I am confused is it actually possible to get a rental house before I arrive in Australia? I have read that it is illegal for an estate agent to allow a property to he rented without it being viewed beforehand? Also I may not have a job in Australia before I leave UK would this prevent me from getting a property?


Any advise would be really appreciated!!


Maybe I would need a holiday let first?



Thank you

Sharon x

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Guest Shelley McGonigal

Hi Sharon

As a real estate agent I can help you out with his question :)

Whilst it is not illegal to rent a property if the tenant has not seen the home, most agents are reluctant as they do not want to run the risk of a lease being entered into and then the tenant claiming the house is not as it said on the advertisement.


A way to get around this is to have someone view the home on your behalf, this can be a friend or a relocation agent.


By having someone view the home for you the agent eliminates the risk of the tenant trying to get out of the lease. A relocation agent could arrange for a home to be rented before you arrive in the Australia amongst many other stress relieving services. Many people are put off by the cost of the relocation agent doing this but putting this into perspective with some realistic numbers you will see the cost is not prohibitive.


Assuming a holiday let of about $150 per day ($1050 per week) versus a rental on average $500 per week. Typically people take about 4 weeks to get their bearings look at a few suburbs and then find a property which gives us a little over $2000 difference (usually less than it costs for a relocation agent service).


Good luck with your new adventure!!!! and if you need any support PM me :)



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