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Job Market In Brisbane

Guest S&D

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Hi all,

I hope I get some replies as myself and my boyfriend are thinking of relocating to Brisbane from Perth, after visiting recently.

We have been in Perth for 2 1/2 years, Perth has a lot going for it and it is growing but it also has a small town feel and mentality, which we feel is not for us. Don't get me wrong we have made some fantastic friends in Perth, so we are not moving as we are lonely or short of things to do.

We recently visited Queensland including Brisbane and found it had a more cosmopolitan feel as the city is bigger than Perth and also found in general the people are friendlier than in Perth or Sydney. We have also visited Melbourne but the weather is the main drawback for us there.

Overall from what we have seen Brisbane has the best of both worlds, a bigger city than Perth and better weather than Melbourne.

We are just wondering how people have found the job market in Brisbane?

We have been looking on Seek (not actually applied for anything yet) but we also know you can't tell just from Seek.

My boyfriend is an Architect and I work in Marketing. He has had lots of short term jobs in Perth, all of the roles seems to be project based in Perth. I struggled to find a job in Perth (it took over 3 months which surprised me as there were lots of jobs on Seek but in Perth if you haven't worked in that 'industry' they won't look at you which is crazy as marketing is marketing and can be applied to any industry!).

Any help/advice/comments anyone can give us about how they found finding jobs in Brisbane for Architecture and Marketing is much appreciated.

We definitely won't move on a whim, and will probably visit Brisbane again to make sure it is for us, but we felt it was for many reasons on our first visit.


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Guest Keith & Linda

Hi S&D, A bigger city as well as SEQ (South East Qld) as a whole does mean more opportunities but still no Guarantees, contract/project based jobs are quite common and well used in Australia but can/often lead to permanment or at least give you more leads/contacts. I would not rely totally on seek, but putting yourself around and cold calling may help.

My daughter is moving over to Perth, her Aussie soldier husband is being posted there (his home town) she is a qualified chef but prefers the catering section of the food industry, would you know anything on that over in Perth?

Good luck with everything.


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