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Would like to move to Brisbane

Guest Emil Dimitrijevic

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Guest Emil Dimitrijevic

Hi everyone,

first of all thank you for reading my post. Let me introduce myself, I'm Emil, born in 1980 somewhere in Europe. I have lived in Taiwan since 2005. I would like to move to Brisbane, I like it a lot. That is one of my dreams, I was approaching closer and closer the whole my life and ended up here in Taiwan. I am asking for help, because I was born in a country which has been isolated from the rest of the world since 1990. So even I am able to juggle 25 tennis balls with one hand while writing a novel and trying to figure out if Tesla was the top inventor, this was a joke, I don't have a sixth sense, but no matter where I go to apply for any visa the "energy" from my passport denies my entrance to some countries and even make people working at the embassies not willing to look at the rest of documentation.

This is my question:

Is there any way that I get Australian passport and move to Brisbane? If yes, may I get some information? What would happened if I buy some property there or establish a company (but the key is that I can't buy anything or establish any company while being in Taiwan). Thank you one more time, I appreciate any help.


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Guest Keith & Linda

Try posting your question on the sister site 'poms in Oz' you may get a better response, but on what you have said so far, then unless you have plenty of spare money for a business visa then you will not get one. Having property does not give any help towards any type of visa.

Good luck.

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Guest julieMHnurse
I take it you have not got any skills? Despite which country you were born in if you have the relevant skills on the SOL list then you could apply for skilled migration like anyone from any other country. It may be delayed due to the extra security checks but that is all.
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