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Coolum Beach accomodation

Guest Diana Flores

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Guest Diana Flores

Hi everyone!!!


I have posted in other forums that I'm planning to go to Australia and that I haven´t decided if I should go to Brisbane or Sunshine Coast. Though, if going to the Sunshine Coast I will be studying in Coolum Christian International College which is located in Yandina Creek. I of course not being from Australia have no idea how the place looks like for real. I've been doing some research and realized the College is not IN the city itself. I do not want to go with homesaty, I much rather rent a room. I have some questions on which I hope you can help me out:


1) What area in Coolum Beach would be best to rent for an International Student and taking into account I will be studying in the above mentioned school?

2) How much part time or casual jobs opportunities are there in the area or would you recommend to make a short commute to Maroochydore?


I feelkind of lost at the moment. I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you!!!

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Guest Love Shoes
bump, bump, sorry I am of no use to you hun, but I wanted to bump up your post .. good luck, I am pretty sure someone who can help will be along shortly xx
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