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Brisbane or Sunshine Coast?

Guest Diana Flores

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Guest Diana Flores

Hi everyone!!


Please, don´t shoot me if this is not the right section for my post. I'm new at this site :)


I'm an English teacher from Mexico and I want to study and live in Australia for at least a year. At first I applied for Master's degrees at some Unis ins Qld and got an offer from each one, but I missed the deadline to apply for a complete scholarship and there is no way on Earth I can pay for tuition and expenses, so I discarded those options :/ ; though, I made some research and decided to go for some VET studies which I can afford to pay.


Thing is I don´t know if I should choose Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast in terms of part time or casual jobs for International Students as well as which one is less expensive to live at.


I particularly would love to go to the Sunshine Coast, it is my main and best option in lyfestyle terms. I love coastal, laid-back and medium to slow pace cities to live. I love being outdoors, enjoying National Parks and Coffee Shops. Some nice bars would be nice, but do not go for the wild party style.


What would you recommend? I hope you can help me :)

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You would probably have more chance securing part time work in and around the city than on the sunny coast. There is also lots to do and great public transport links, to travel to various site seeing things on the SC you will need access to a vehicle.


Cal x

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