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Where to live?

Guest tizzy

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Hey people we are just about to start the visa application process and would like to move to Brisbane, as you can imagine we are very excited!!


Question is where should we look at living? I am a midwife so would need to be near a hospital (would prefer a busy one!), OH is a barber and he would need to find work. We have three kids who attend catholic school in UK aged 14, 10 & 7.


Any suggestions of good neighbourhoods?

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Guest mandytuck
Hi, We are hoping to move somewhere south of Brisbane and also near a hospital as I'm a nurse. We have friends who live in Wellington Point and Cleveland and they are both nice areas, but it depends on how much you can afford. We have been looking at Mount Cotton, Victoria Point and Alexander Hills among others. You wil find it really hard to decide...I know we are! Everywhere looks and sounds nice, but you have to consider distance to places, schools, work for both of you and what will there be for the kids to do nearby? We are probably going to stay with friends at first, then rent and then look to buy. Have you ever been over on holiday? These sites are good for help off people who have been or are there already. :)
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Guest scrimmy

where to live


Hi, i just wanted to give a little help if your still interested in where to live. we emigrated at the end of May and are living at Wellington Point. All the areas you mentioned are lovely places to live and only about 5 minutes away from each other. There is a hospital in Cleveland and also a Catholic school in Wellington Point. when we came here we booked with Brisbane First Connections, a lovely lady called Angie and her husband Andrew had already booked our accommodation for us for our arrival, they collected us from the airport and they have been our rock since we arrived. The day after we arrived Angie took us on a site seeing through the Redlands and then found us a house rental where we will stay until January. my advise to you if you are thinking about living in the Redlands is book with Angie, she knows all about where to get Medicare, driving license and Tax file numbers, she is on the end of the phone when ever you need her. It is a lovely place to live and we have no regrets at all. hope this will be of some help :D

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Living in the Bayside!


I thought I would also throw my experiences into the mix.....


We moved out here to Brisbane in May last year from Scotland. We had initially been looking at Perth but due to (1) Severe Increase in house prices, doubled within a year (2) There being to many Poms :) and the remoteness of most places with limited localised activities/services, we decided that Brisbane would suit more. The beauty of Brisbane compared to Perth is that its a lot closer to most places, well apart from the uk. But lets face it there is not that much difference between 18 or 22hrs.. :P


That reasoning has worked out well and we have now just bought our 1st home in Lota, which for those who dont know where it is, is local to Manly, Wellington point, Wakerley, Alex Hills, Cleveland etc. The area is great and there are loads of schools, clubs, outdoors events etc for adults as well as kids. The bonus is that it's on the coast with the cooling breazes and is only 16km from the CBD, which is also accessable by direct train link (30mins).


As you imagine the suburbs are many with individual characteristics, but as someone who spend some time initial in Redcliffe, Samform and the Gold Coast, I must admit to being extremely happy with our location and wouldnt want to change it.


The downside I suppose is that the nearer the coast and city then the more the houses cost and the rental market albeit reasonably priced is very limited in numbers for good properties (or bad as it happens).

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Guest Sandra,Mike and boys

Making a trip to Brisbane in June


Hi Ozmate. Interesting comments re choosing brisbane over perth. My husband and I are just waiting for our police checks then the visa hopefully soon after. We are taking a trip in june and have also felt similar thoughts re where to settle. We have decided to spend a wk in Perth just to be sure in ruling it out, then flying over to Brisbane for the last few wks. The suburbs you mentioned are ones we have considered- but final decision may be decided on where hubby can get work.

I know its only a few months in but how are you finding Oz?

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Funny you should say that ozmate ,,i relocated a family a couple of months ago who had been in perth nearly a year and they said it was so expensive there was no way they could buy a house there comfortably.They were also surprised that food,petrol etc is much cheaper in brissy,not sure about the amount of poms ,Brisbane has heaps ,lol!

Cal x

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Guest itsjo

Apparently 60,000 people a year are moving to QLD..I am suspecting that many head for the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast...What fab places they both are too..We havent been further down than Surfers but am hearing so much about how gorgoeus it is that we may venture further south for a weekend..

Jo x

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Guest gordon
oz mate im in process of moving to brisbane from falkirk would be gratefull if you could give me any info on various issues such as prices to rent or buy also second hand car prices costs of living and what is the average income to live
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Guest Living Down Under



its a tough on!!! Where to live, there are dvds to help you so you can see the areas visually, take a look at livingdownunder. Im sure they will help you see the area and give you great practical advise. i emigrated 4 years ago, and can say have been through all the ups and downs during the process


Good luck in your decision, it is the hardest one you will make, for what its worth. I have travelled to every major city in Australia, and the Sunshine Coast is the place for me and my family, 2 kids 9 and 2, relaxed atmosphere with an area still in growth, and a beautiful bay in Mooloolaba


i dont like long beaches and love the bay here.....oh and the coffee at sugar and spice!!


The best!

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