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Welder needs to find a new sponsor fast!

Guest nicrock

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Guest nicrock

I am currently living on the Gold Coast on the working holiday visa. I am a MIG Welder with 11 years experience but no formal qualifications, thats wht I couldn't get residency straight away. The company I work for agreed to sponsor me and our documents are now with a case officer being reviewed.


I found out this week that my company are closing at the end of this month as they have gone into administration! I need to either withdraw my current sponsorship 457 application and find a sponsor before June 13th when my working holiday visa runs out. Or I'll have to wait to see if this visa gets granted, the company closes, then find a sponsor within 28 days!


I've been ringing welding companies near the Gold Coast all day with no luck for a possible job never mind a sponsor. It would only cost the company a total of $345 if they had never sponsored before and $60 if they had. I'd pay this for them if they agreed.


Has anyone any advice, if they've been in this situation? My girlfriend of 7 1/2 years would be on the visa as my defacto partner. Her family have all booked to stay with us in July, as we all thought I had the sponsorship and it was for definate we would get the visa's. Looks like they may all have to cancel their holiday and we'll have to head back to miserable England come June. It's took my girlfriend so long to adjust and now were both so happy here and have to look at the prospect of starting again in the UK with nothing.


Any advice would be much appreciated, hopefully I can find a sponsor soon. :redface:

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Guest nicrock

No luck unfortunately :frown:

Still emailing companies everyday and applying for jobs to find a sponsor all over Australia, were willing to move anywhere.


Doesn't look very hopeful

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Guest cal

Hi in your position i would get in the car and drive,drive,drive, stopping and selling yourself at every company along the way. This happened to a painter i know and he travelled up and down from Coolangatta to Noosa ,eventually he found a company on the Gold Coast who took over his sponsership. Its hard to get a response by e-mail or phone anyway but especially if your needing sponsering, at least in person 'someone' has to speak to you. Have you broadened your search and looked around Slacks Creek,Rocklea way ,Wacol industrial area is another option , may mean moving or a bigger commute but if keeps you in the country will be worth it.

The guy i mentioned earlier enrolled Cheryl Bird info@ozmigrationagency.com.au to help him, she was great and also searched for a new sponser with him, may be worth dropping her a line for some advice.

Lots of luck and i hope you find something

Cal x

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