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What to do & where to go????

Guest PommyPaul

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Guest PommyPaul

We are trying to organise our reccie for a week maybe 2 not sure what's best? We are from Adelaide and visited the Gold Coast some time ago. We went there for a holiday whilst doing our reccie for Adelaide and never really considered it as a place to go as we were fixed on Adelaide. We have been in Adelaide since Sep 08 and now don't think it is for us. We are looking for a little more buzz, life and things to do. We have friends just north of Brisbane so we are going to stay with them for a few days and they have said they will show us around Brisbane.


We are not sure of where to look to place ourselves, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, or Gold Coast. My work is pretty flexible so should not matter too much, working in constuction - flushing new houses, plus can work on major commercial developments. I am drawn to being just south of Brisbane so we are in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have been told the Sunshine coast is stunning, but not much else? We would like to get an idea of all 3 places in our short time up there and just wanted to know if there are any particular places or suburbs people can reconmend to pass by, view, stop and enjoy etc....


We are a young family Paul 30, Lynne 31, & Taylor newborn. I feel I am rambling and can't quite get down on paper what I mean, so any help or ideas would be much appreciated. :biggrin:

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