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Regional Sponsored Visa

Guest peeka

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Hi - does anyone know about this route?


We will be sponsored by the Queensland government to live in one of their 'regional' areas. We must work in this region for the first 12 months, and live there for 2 years.


Concerns are - what manufacuturing businesses are there in the regions? My partner has been skills assessed under the General Manager category.

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:laugh:Hi and welcome from the taylors.

Unless you are coming with a lot of disposable income you may find it tough as you are unable to claim any benifits and for the first 3 to 6 months you bleed money.

If you can try to get a pr visa as you have a better chance with employers.

Sorry if I sound negative but the government say they need trades which is aload of rubbish they just want the money you spend getting here and set up costs when here.

But the choice is yours and these are just my thoughts.

all the best the taylors.

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We have disposable income but unsure what 'a lot' is - we believe it is plenty for us as a family. Your response does seem a little negative - is your experience not a particularly good one?
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