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Changed Immigration Policies and Australia PR

Posted in: Migration News by Rob on 17/06/2017

Australian immigration policies and speculation surrounding them are keeping the world busy since some time. There are cuts and additions, modified eligibility requirements, suggested periodical reviews and more importantly focus on local Australian job opportunities.
Most of the migrants, professionals and students come to Australia with an intent to make Australia their home. That is no surprise, given Australia’s reputation in the global scene. With thriving economy and friendly population, Australia has always attracted tourists and immigrants world over.
Australia Permanent Residency, a visa option that gives immigrants the right to stay, work, travel and study in Australia unrestrictedly is majority of the migrants’ dream. The immigration policies have provided pathways to Australia PR through various visa categories. Skilled migration visa- independent or sponsored or nominated, family visas, business and investment visas are some of them.
The major changes done to immigration policies are for temporary work visas which get sponsored by employees for Australia PR.
The 457 visa, a temporary work visa, which most migrants applied for to come to Australia, was a popular pathway to Australia PR. Since its scrapping, and other changes in immigration policies, the Australian Permanent Resident Visa is not straightforwardly granted now.
Under changed immigration policies, the migrant must hold temporary visa for 3 years before being eligible to apply for Australia PR. The age requirement which was 50 years is slashed to 45 years. The prior work experience which was desirable, not compulsory; figures in mandatory eligibility requirement. The applicant must have 3 years of relevant work experience.
International students are the next section that get affected by the policy change. Student visa holders after getting work experience on post study work visa can get sponsored by their employees for permanent residency. Keeping this in view, the immigration policy has tightened the requirements for granting student visas. Only those overseas students who clear GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement is going to be granted visas and delivered to students with help of usps forwarding.
Partner visas which offered permanent residency option are undergoing change too. The sponsor must apply for and get approved as a sponsor by the immigration department before partner visa application is made.
With so many proposed changes taking place, the Australia PR process is certainly going to take longer than usual time to get permanent residency approved.
Indians who form a major chunk in temporary work visa applicants, and are in thousands of numbers in student visa applicants must wait and watch how Australian PR process from India is going to alter while accommodating the changes in immigration policies.

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