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Emigrating to Sydney?

Posted in: Blog by Rob on 28/04/2017

‘Australia Migration Forums’ are happy to announce that we’ve just relaunched our forum for people for are Moving to Sydney (and for people already living in Sydney of course) ?

The forum has been online for several years in several different formats, but following our acquisition of the site, we’ve decided to give it a makeover and another relaunch.

The new forum is mobile friendly, secure and full of useful information about Sydney.

So, if anyone is heading to Sydney and has any questions, we’d love to hear from you on the forum.

The new site can be found at

Moving to Australia Social Network

Posted in: Blog by Rob on 01/04/2017

The Moving to Australia Social Network – pomsinoz has recently had a massive overhaul, it’s first in at least 8 years. Launched back in 2005, the community was set up to provide help and assistance to people emigrating and moving to Australia. For the last few years, it has also supported people returning to the UK from Australia. Last month, the site was given a much needed update. The forum was moved to a new more powerful server, a new software platform, given a fully responsive design ensuring the site is comfortably viewable of any device – mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops etc, is now SSL secured & offers 2 factor login authentication, had improved and expanded the migration/visa section of the forum along with a host of other upgrades and improvements. If you’re looking for friendly free assistance on moving down under, then head over to the new look pomsinoz.

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