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Migration Insurance cover for Australia

Posted in: Migration News by Rob on 05/01/2016

Migration to Australia made easyMigration Cover

Moving to Australia is a big step but one made easier by a new insurance product that will help skilled migrants overcome some of the common obstacles.

Migrating to Australia is a dream for many Brits, but the process can be long and testing for individuals and families alike. Although the benefits of life in Australia are obvious, the risks associated with moving to a new country can put off some hopefuls.

The thought of starting a new life in a country thousands of miles away from more familiar surroundings is enough to make them think twice. Furthermore, the costs involved in shipping, transporting and setting up a life in Australia can be extremely high which can limit who, in reality, is able to immigrate.

Questions constantly plague the migrant’s mind, such as; What will happen if a family member at home becomes ill? What will happen if I am involuntarily made redundant? How will I return home if I need to?

However, thousands of people each year do make the trip to Australia, and manage to secure a permanent visa. They know the pressure to go home may come one day, and the loss of a job or serious illness can very quickly change their circumstances.

Ex-Pats in Australia also appreciate that if they have to come back to their country of embarkation, the expense will be theirs and theirs alone. They know only too well about the costs they paid out to move to Australia, so the thought of doing it all again in a short space of time, with little funds, is a burden that they always carry with them.

This is also a significant issue for employers, who face losing their newly hired staff for issues that may be out of their control, making migrant hires a more complex and expensive process than is necessary. This is especially frustrating where talent has been brought in from another country to help develop services or products within Australia using skills that may not be easily available within the country.

Thankfully, there is a now an insurance product that can help alleviate some of that moving stress. Migration Cover offers the first comprehensive insurance product created specifically for skilled migrants. It provides a sense of security ?for people immigrating, or those who have already immigrated, to Australia.

Migration Cover’s experience has shown that skilled migrants are most concerned about:

1. Leaving family behind
2. Illness or death in the family, including the migrants themselves
3. Involuntary redundancy
4. Leaving property behind

The product reduces the anxiety of immigrating by covering the policyholder’s repatriation, employment advocacy and travel needs.

Migration Cover costs less than you think, with packages to suit all budgets, whether you are single or have a family. So migrants can now ‘Go with Confidence!’™

For more information and a free quote, visit

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