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Free Moving to Australia webchat

Posted in: Migration News by Rob on 27/05/2013

Our sister site – Poms in Oz is hosting a live webchat session with leading experts in banking, currency exchange, financial/pensions advice, international removals, pet transportation and vehicle importation. The chat event will take place on Tuesday 28th May 2013 from 20:00-22:00 (UK Time). National Australia Bank, Moneycorp, PSS International Removals, PetAirUK, Vista Financial Services and IronLady Imports will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your move.

If you have an account on Pomsinoz, to participate, head over to, login, then click on the ‘chat’ menu option at the top of the page. Clicking on chat will launch the chat software. There will different ‘rooms’ for each of the different companies.

If you don’t have an account of Pomsinoz, you can still participate by by following this link – Chat with Industry Experts, then, once the chat software has loaded, tick the ‘Guest’ option at the top of the chat window, then choose a username and click ‘Login’ and enter the ‘Moneycorp, NAB, PSS, PetAirUK, Vista Financial Services or IronLady Imports’ chat rooms.

National Australia Bank

Rebecca Joils will talk about the Australian Banking system providing you with some insights as to what is different between the UK and Australia. She will also talk about how straight forward it is to open an Australian Bank account before you leave home and some of the services you should consider.


Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, John Kinghorn will bring you the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and provide insight into the key factors influencing market movements. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your funds at the right time, via the right channel, can make a big difference to the amount of money you actually end up with.

PSS International Removals

One of the key ingredients when you are moving overseas is the planning of your removal. Liam Witham will be on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have regarding the packing and shipping of your household effects, including what items you can ship to Australia, Australian Customs procedures and AQIS through the various pack and ship companies available.

PetAir UK

Bob Ghandour, Veterinary Consultant and Director of PetAir UK will be on hand to discuss any aspects of shipping your pets to Australia. PetAir UK is a unique pet travel service run by specialised vets for ultimate peace of mind. We will transport your pets safely and comfortably – worldwide. No matter what the journey, we will remove the stress of complicated pet travel arrangements and ensure the best possible service to our clients and their much-loved companions is one of our highest priorities. We operate a ‘one of the family’ policy, where all animals are treated with the same respect and care as our own pets. We know how much it means to you that your beloved pet arrives safely and by using PetAir UK you can assure yourself you are providing the very best care for your pet. We offer truly comprehensive packages which provide absolute continuity from start to finish. Every client is allocated one of our personal veterinary consultants who will oversee every step of the process. From complex documentation and import permit applications through to last minute flight changes, nothing is a problem for our competent and dedicated team.

Vista Financial Services

Andrew Williams is both a UK qualified and Australian practicing Financial Adviser and Mortgage Consultant specialising in advising UK expats in Australia on the transition and development of their financial affairs. From assisting clients with securing their first Australian mortgage through to working with them to understand whether transferring their UK Pensions is in their interests, Andrew is able to help answer your questions and concerns on a wide range of financial planning matters.

Iron Lady Imports
Iron Lady Imports is a small, Australian-based business that specialises in arranging transportation of vehicles from anywhere in the world to any port in Australia. For a fixed brokerage fee, we can help arrange your vehicle’s import approval paperwork, shipping, customs clearance and registration in Australia. Aside from our fee, all other costs are invoiced to you directly – no hidden markups! We’re also happy to advise you if it’s worth bringing your car over before you start (that part’s free!).

Moving to Sydney Forum

Posted in: Forum News by Rob on 26/05/2013

If you’re Moving to Sydney (or are already living there and are looking to expand your social circle), then we’ve got some good news. We’ve just taken ownership of and are currently in the process of transitioning it to our ‘Australia Migration Forums’ network. We already have regional forums covering Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & Queensland and have often been asked if we have any plans to create a Sydney / New South Wales forum, so the acquisition made sense. Unlike all of our other forums, the Sydney forum will run on a new platform. If all goes well, then over time, we intend to move all the forums to the new platform. So if you’re heading to Sydney, then please stop by and join us, we’d love to hear your thoughts about Sydney (and the forum). If you’ve any questions about schools, suburbs, jobs, night-life or anything else, just ask 🙂

Moving to Sydney Forum coming soon

Posted in: Forum News by Rob on 20/05/2013

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll soon be adding a ‘Moving to Sydney‘ forum to our network. The forum will probably be up and running in a couple of weeks (touch wood) and will hopefully develop into a thriving community for people emigrating to New South Wales and for expats already living there. We’re currently putting the moderating team in place, if anyone has a good knowledge of Sydney and would like to help assist in the running and growth of the forum, then drop us a line

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Posted in: Blog by Rob on 17/05/2013

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