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Moving to Australia – Join our forum for free help and advice

Posted in: Forum News by Rob on 27/07/2018 is a social network for people moving to Australia.

We have over 50,000 members (including many migration agents) who are available to offer free help and advice on all aspects of the migration journey and subsequent life in Australia, while also using resources as a police check to check the background of the people migrating.

In addition to the active migration forums, the site also has a comprehensive articles section, packed with useful information on all aspects of migrating to and living in Australia.

Online for over 13 years, we have helped make thousands of members dreams a reality. If Australia if you you, then join us today.

Australian Government Minister claims Permanent Residency Visas should be harder to obtain

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In a move which has caused a high degree of consternation for thousands of would be migrants, a govt minister has signalled a further tightening of visas that grant permanent residency in Australia

Alan Tudge, the Citizenship minister claims that too many migrants are granted permanent residency before they ever step foot in the country.

According to statistics on, last year, Australia granted approximately 162,000 PR visas – well below the annual cap of 190,000 places and the lowest intake in 10 years. This means the apartment crisis we all hear about constantly is dramatically over stated. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

However, this hasn’t stopped the govt rhetortic, indeed, it is being ramped up in the run up to the Super Saturday by-elections this weekednd.

The minister said about half of the stream had visas granted after years in Australia on temporary visas, but the other half were “granted full permanent residency before ever stepping foot in Australia”.

“This is less ideal, and something that requires further consideration,”.

The permanent migration stream is around two-thirds skilled visas and one-third family visas for their children, parents and spouses.Mr Tudge said offshore applicants were a “challenge” because “information about individuals is sometimes difficult to obtain from abroad”.

Migrants are already required to sign a values statement when they become Australian citizens, but the Turnbull government has long advocated a stricter approach.

The government’s controversial citizenship reforms, which were blocked last year in the Senate, would have introduced a new test on Australian values as well as a tougher English exam.

But senior Coalition ministers have consistently promised another attempt at the reforms in 2018.

Earlier this month, Mr Tudge suggested a new spoken English test might be developed for all migrants seeking permanent residency, possibly including refugees, instead of just citizens.

“We place an emphasis on Australian values as the glue that holds the nation together,” Mr Tudge said on Thursday.

“We do this through requiring people to sign a values statement before coming into Australia, satisfy a citizenship test and pledge allegiance before becoming a citizen.

“The weakness of this, however, is that we presently have few mechanisms to assess people against their signed statement.”

Mr Tudge did not comment on what mechanisms might be considered.

“We need muscular ongoing promotion of our values: of freedom of speech and worship, equality between sexes, democracy and the rule of law, a fair go for all, the taking of individual responsibility,” he said.

The government’s first attempt at sweeping citizenship reforms were blocked by Labor, the Greens and key crossbenchers on the now-rebranded Nick Xenophon Team.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese criticised Mr Tudge for going overseas and “talking our country down”, referring to the minister’s comments on how migrants were not integrating to broader society as well as they once did.

“The fact is we have an incredibly successful multicultural nation,” he said.

New Australian Visa Tracker website

Posted in: Migration News by Rob on 15/10/2017

So you’re thinking of moving to Australia?

A key question is therefore – “How long will it take for me visa to be granted?”

A very good question and an understandable one.

Naturally, you’re eager to start your new life down under.

Such information is also crucial as there;s lots to sort out before you can move.

When do you put your house up for sale? – too early and you might have to move into temporary accommodation if your house sells and your visa hasn’t been granted.
Too late and you may end up with your visa being granted and not being able to move as your house hasn’t sold and your equity is tied up in the property.

A visa grant date is also important to know as without it, you can’t arrange removals/shipping, quarantine for your pets, flights and a multitude of other things.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can get information to help you estimate when your application may be granted

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection publish approximate processing times on there website.

The information is not specific to your case however and goes along the lines of “75% of applications processed in x number of days” for example.

It’s also possible to send a blank email to DIBP for some visas and this will trigger an automated email response which contains approximate processing times.

Australia Migration Forums

Another method is to visit groups and forums such as as many members post there visa timelines on the forums to compare with other members timelines. The sites also allow you to chat with other members who are also going through the migration journey.

Australia Visa Timelines Immigration Trackers

A third way, and a method which is becoming more popular is to utilize an immigration tracker / Australia visa timelines website.

This allow you to enter key dates about your visa application and compare them in tabular format with lost of other members.

You can look at who’s applied for the same visa as you, the same dates as you, from the same country, occupation etc.

This will allow you obtain greater insight into the likely time is will take for your visa to be granted.

Australian Visa and Citizenship News

Posted in: Blog by Rob on 06/09/2017

Lots of Australian Visas and citizenship news to roundup.


Nick Xenophon has recommitted to voting down the Turnbull government’s overhaul of Australian citizenship laws, unless fundamental aspects of the bill are changed.

Senator Xenophon on Tuesday confirmed his bloc of three senators would vote against the changes, joining Labor and the Greens to effectively kill off the bill.

In response, Immigration minister Peter Dutton’s office released a statement saying the government was still “discussing the bill with the crossbenchers”.

But Senator Xenophon has all but ruled a change in position, despite meeting with Mr Dutton on Tuesday night.

“There needs to be a substantial rewriting of it,” Senator Xenophon told reporters on Wednesday.

“We’ll continue to talk to the government.”

The Xenophon team’s opposition centres on the proposal for a tough new English language test that would require migrants to reach a ‘Band 6’ under international testing standards, although for people that doesn’t speak the language or for advance texts the use of technical translation services is a best option for this.

The plan was met with strong opposition from ethnic groups, who said it would disadvantage less-educated migrants, including refugees.

The plan was met with strong opposition from ethnic groups, who said it would disadvantage less-educated migrants, including refugees.

To make everything right from the first try, we recommend you to use special services, that will help you with form fillings. For example, you can check how can help you.

Changed Immigration Policies and Australia PR

Posted in: Migration News by Rob on 17/06/2017

Australian immigration policies and speculation surrounding them are keeping the world busy since some time. There are cuts and additions, modified eligibility requirements, suggested periodical reviews and more importantly focus on local Australian job opportunities.
Most of the migrants, professionals and students come to Australia with an intent to make Australia their home. That is no surprise, given Australia’s reputation in the global scene. With thriving economy and friendly population, Australia has always attracted tourists and immigrants world over.
Australia Permanent Residency, a visa option that gives immigrants the right to stay, work, travel and study in Australia unrestrictedly is majority of the migrants’ dream. The immigration policies have provided pathways to Australia PR through various visa categories. Skilled migration visa- independent or sponsored or nominated, family visas, business and investment visas are some of them.
The major changes done to immigration policies are for temporary work visas which get sponsored by employees for Australia PR.
The 457 visa, a temporary work visa, which most migrants applied for to come to Australia, was a popular pathway to Australia PR. Since its scrapping, and other changes in immigration policies, the Australian Permanent Resident Visa is not straightforwardly granted now.
Under changed immigration policies, the migrant must hold temporary visa for 3 years before being eligible to apply for Australia PR. The age requirement which was 50 years is slashed to 45 years. The prior work experience which was desirable, not compulsory; figures in mandatory eligibility requirement. The applicant must have 3 years of relevant work experience.
International students are the next section that get affected by the policy change. Student visa holders after getting work experience on post study work visa can get sponsored by their employees for permanent residency. Keeping this in view, the immigration policy has tightened the requirements for granting student visas. Only those overseas students who clear GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement is going to be granted visas and delivered to students with help of usps forwarding.
Partner visas which offered permanent residency option are undergoing change too. The sponsor must apply for and get approved as a sponsor by the immigration department before partner visa application is made.
With so many proposed changes taking place, the Australia PR process is certainly going to take longer than usual time to get permanent residency approved.
Indians who form a major chunk in temporary work visa applicants, and are in thousands of numbers in student visa applicants must wait and watch how Australian PR process from India is going to alter while accommodating the changes in immigration policies.

Want to Watch British Television in Oz?

Posted in: Forum News by Rob on 20/05/2017

Want to watch British TV in Australia?

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Who is Flip TV?

Flip TV is a leading IPTV company based and operating in Australia, delivering worldwide content via the internet direct to your TV for seamless and reliable viewing of your favourite overseas shows.

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Australia Migration Forums and Flip TV

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India suggests trade negotiations could be affected by 457 visa changes

Posted in: Migration Issues by Rob on 03/05/2017

India’s Prime Minister has used a telephone call with the Australian PM to voice his reservations about the Government’s decision to abolish the 457 visa next year.

India was upset by the Government’s announcement last month that it was replacing the 457 visa for temporary skilled workers with two new visas.

In its place will be a two-year visa and a more specialised one for four years “targeted at higher skills”.

Mr Turnbull said the changes were “in the national interest”.

Indian nationals account for a quarter of 457 visa holders, the most of any nationality.

India had hinted the move to replace it could affect trade negotiations, which the two countries had only just pledged to revive during Mr Turnbull’s recent India visit.

Now, according to India’s Ministry of External Affairs, Mr Modi himself has “expressed concern” to Mr Turnbull about the possible impact of visa changes.

In response to the Government’s changes, India’s Ministry of External Affairs issued a terse statement, saying that it was “examining the consequences” of the new policy, adding that it would look at the matter “in the context” of trade negotiations.

Elsewhere, one Indian migration agent is warning the changes will harm Australia’s longer-term ability to attract both skilled workers and students with an eye to their futures.

Anisha Gupta is a migration agent, and yesterday her phone ran hot.

“I’m receiving a lot of calls from the applicants, as well as the people who have already applied for the visa — how will that affect them?” she said.
Current visa holders will not be affected by the changes, which will see the introduction of two new temporary skills visas — a two-year visa and a more specialised one for four years “targeted at higher skills”.

Ms Gupta warns changing the visa system will likely hurt Australian universities’ efforts to attract Indian students, especially those seeking degrees in the 200 professions the Government is removing from the list of those eligible for skilled worker visas.

That would affect the students if they think their occupations are out of the list, so they might choose another country which has a more favourable immigration policy for them,” she said.

Applying for a Parent Visa for Australia?

Posted in: Forum News by Rob on 02/05/2017

Thinking of Moving to Australia on a Parent Visa to be reunited with your family?
Join the Parent Visa Discussion on our forum at
With nearly 13,000 posts on the topic and hundreds of active members, it’s a great chance to network with other people applying for the Parent Visa of Contributory Parent Visas.

Emigrating to South Australia?

Posted in: Forum News by Rob on 01/05/2017

Are you considering a move to Adelaide, South Australia or maybe you’re already part way through the migration journey or are an expat now living down under in the Festival State? If so, why noy join our Adelaide migration and expat social network.
The website has been online since 2006 and has helped thousands of members make the move. Free help and support is always on hand (often from registered migration agents) to help you with the Visa Process and make your dream of moving down under a reality. Get your questions answered on where’s the best place to live, which are the best schools, what’s the job situation like, how do I exchange money? In fact ask anything at all, out members will be happy to help.

Emigrating to Sydney?

Posted in: Blog by Rob on 28/04/2017

‘Australia Migration Forums’ are happy to announce that we’ve just relaunched our forum for people for are Moving to Sydney (and for people already living in Sydney of course) ?

The forum has been online for several years in several different formats, but following our acquisition of the site, we’ve decided to give it a makeover and another relaunch.

The new forum is mobile friendly, secure and full of useful information about Sydney.

So, if anyone is heading to Sydney and has any questions, we’d love to hear from you on the forum.

The new site can be found at

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